LED Grow Lights With Best Spectrum Recipes For High Yield of Crops!

18 May

LED Grow Lights VS HPS

Design advantage of top grow lights

We have this latest top light with special extrusion heat sink design, to have slim and short size, but extremly good heat dissipation to protect the difficacy of LEDs and make sure the lifespan and high efficicency for better yield of crops.

Operational costs

The primary advantage of LED grow lights are the lower operating expenses. Good LEDs cost up to 80% less to operate than equivalent HPS (HID) bulbs.

Whether you use them as your main light source or just as supplemental lighting, they can begin to pay for themselves within 6 months of frequent usage, although most cost so much more initially, that is takes 2-3 years to break even.

And remember, the lifespan of an LED grow light generally ranges from 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is 10-20 times longer than common HPS/MH grow light bulbs.

Complete Package

LED fixtures are ready to start growing immediately. You just have to hang them, plug them in and that’s it. You don’t need to purchase any additional components.

HID lighting on the other hand, is not so simple. In addition to the bulbs, you have to purchase a reflector and a ballast. The bulbs will not work without a ballast and without a reflector, the light will go off in every direction, which is a huge waste and would further increase operating costs.

Fluorescent bulbs also require thee same components, although the ballasts are smaller and usually integrated into the fixtures or bulbs. Luckily, there are kits available that include everything you need.

Higher quality yields

Because LED fixtures provide a spectrum of light perfectly tuned for plants, they end up producing better yields. This is especially true of fixtures with added UV light and IR light, like these top flowering LEDs.

Plants get exactly the light they need, and with programmable and customizable fixtures they get it exactly when they need it, so they reward you with much higher quality fruits and buds.

Environmental Advantages

LED lights do not require as much power. They also don’t require you to dispose of harmful mercury and they don’t need new bulbs to be produced every year.

There is a reason LED technology is often mentioned in the same sentence as alternative sources of power like solar: the are much better for the environment than traditional forms of lighting.

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LED Grow Lights With Best Spectrum Recipes For High Yield of Crops!